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I have sensed spirit around me from being a small child. My first experience of spirit was at 5 years old seeing the spirit of a man in my parent’s house.

The house was over 100 years old at the time and I always felt a presence in there.

One day walking through my parent’s bedroom I glanced over to the bed where an old man was laid there staring at me. I remember feeling terrified and running down stairs crying and telling my Mum.

She went upstairs and checked, there was no-one there. I have to admit I was frightened by it as a child and this stayed with me in to my teenage years.

At 18 years old I started going to spiritualist churches. I don’t know why but I was drawn and intrigued into going. By this point I had had further experiences with family members that had passed who had called my name in dream state the day of their passing.

I regularly attended my local Spiritualist church and for some reason mediums were always drawn to me and almost every time I would get a message from someone at the church from spirit.

Whichever church or whatever Medium I went to for a private reading would always bring through my Mum’s Dad.  I was 5 years old at the time of his passing but I remember it really affected me and I felt a closeness to him throughout my life which I still feel today. I would also always be given a message from my Mum’s brother who I never met as he passed around 16 days after I was born. But again I felt a closeness to him.

I continued throughout my 20’s going to Spiritualist churches and developing my connection with the spirit world.

I had a regular job in retail management

which kept me busy and had a few years where I didn’t go to church. Then at 26 years old my Mum was killed in an accident. This really affected me and I started going to church again.

 I started to get up in circles and give messages to people. In my 30’s

I started to gain confidence in myself and the spirit world believing it was my path and it was what I was meant to be doing in life.

 I have been doing private readings for over 10 years now working closely with spirit and my spirit guides. For me readings are around bringing peace, hope, direction and closure for my clients in an understanding and sympathetic way.

 I'm very lucky to do what I do, working with spirit is definitely my calling.

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